New Hand-Selected Barrel Cocktails

Photo by  @vinchauhan

Photo by @vinchauhan

The weather's finally turning autumnal and we’re celebrating the season with a batch of seasonal cocktails that have just landed on the menu.

Our new additions feature three hand-selected barrels, available at all Strategic Hospitality venues.

SH Weller 107

Bright yet woody, with a hint of vanilla.
Used in our Manhattan variation, we add a little Cocchi di Torino and bitters to really let it shine through.

SH Dickel Single Barrel

Full-bodied and wrapped in lush aromatics.
Shaken with lemon and orange blossom water, our Gold Rush cocktail serves as a modern approach to a classic pairing of honey and whiskey.

Elijah Craig Single Barrel

Hosts maple and caramel notes, burnt sugar and spice.
It is garnished with a lemon peel atop our rendition of the classic Old Fashioned.

The weather’s shifting, so come warm up with us Tuesday through Sunday for this toasty new suite of whiskey delights.