Le Burger Featured in Playboy Magazine


Chef Brian Lea never dreamed he would one day get the chance to be featured in Playboy Magazine -- and frankly, he's not sure he would want to be featured in Playboy...well, at least not like that -- but having Le Burger included in the publication's "6 Burgers to Crush this Labor Day" was just as good as he dreamed, if not better.

Pair Le Burger with a side of beignets and a bowl of Brunch Punch and you've got yourself a killer jump start your Sunday Funday. See you this weekend? Yes, indeed. 

At the French brasserie and at home, Lea is all about the little details. He considers toasting the inside of the bun mandatory, and makes sure he’s working with the right ingredients.
— Playboy

Ready to get your Sunday Funday on? Let's do it!