Have You Tried the Brunch Punch?


Brunch is a marathon.

Whether it’s a hair-of-the-dog style antidote you seek, or you’re revving the engine on your bachelorette weekend, Brunch Punch is the remedy for any situation.

What else could be beckoning you as you walk through our doors on a weekend morning or afternoon?

Glassy patterned bowls full of bright, tart punch that'll beat the heat and reinvigorate your weekend. That’s what.

Made with bright, mouthwatering citrus and the choice of either gin or rum as your base spirit, you and your group get to decide how to spike your party! Brunch Punch is served in a beautiful glass bowl complete with a ladle for serving and plenty of antique glasses for sharing. The presentation alone will have everyone eager to partake, while the brunch punch punch will keep them coming back.

Brunch Punch is available at Le Sel on Friday and Saturday from 10am-3pm, and Sundays from 10am-5pm.

Cheers to the weekend!