Le Sel's Alaska Cocktail in Imbibe Magazine

The Alaska Cocktail, which is said to have first appeared in The Savoy Cocktail Book back in the 1930's and was most likely not created in the state of Alaska, is a drink traditionally made with gin, yellow chartreuse and orange bitters.

A fairly simple cocktail composed of a refreshing mixture of botanicals, we love sipping on this drink in the company of good friends and great raw oysters.

Our bartender Aaron Elam has upped the ante of this delightful concoction by finishing the drink with spritz of sherry, adding an even more enticing aroma.  

We were thrilled to find out that Imbibe Magazine loved his variation so much, they asked for Aaron's recipe.

Want to make Aaron's Alaska Cocktail at home? 

Click Here to get the recipe.

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