Get It Local: Bear Creek Farms


Here at Le Sel, we pride ourselves on using thoughtfully-sourced ingredients.

Whether they be oysters flown in fresh each day, local produce or pasture-raised beef and pork from our neighbors in Leipers Fork, Tennessee, we understand that quality ingredients lead to excellent food.  

Bear Creek Farms is owned and operated by the Cherry family, offering 2,000 acres on which their pigs and cattle can roam, graze and grow. The family is committed to raising wholesome Angus beef and “heritage hogs” without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

“At Bear Creek, we graze our animals on land that we know like the back of our hand and we feed them hay grown on that very land. We grain-finish our beef with corn and soybeans grown by our neighbors who share our views on food safety."

Because of the quality in flavor, marbling and quality overall, Bear Creek Farm raises Black Angus beef and heritage breed hogs. Put quite simply, they know that these breeds produce the best beef and pork, respectively. It's a difference they know you'll notice.

With fresh flavors on our Fall menu, including Bear Creek Farm's pork shoulder with radishes, fingerling potatoes and mustard jus (pictured), we hope you will stop in to enjoy a taste of some locally sourced - and beautiful! - French fare. 

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